Ceramic Art - Pottery Classes

Since I was a child I was trying to make my little world more beautiful, colorful, rich in ideas.
Now, consciously through my art I continue to enrich it with more beauty and finesse, functionality and harmony.
Through experience and knowledge I can say that I do it better, but still not perfect. It is a journey of evolution that continues to infinity, without end and ... I realize the beauty of this prospect!
Yes, my little art, pottery, like any art skill or profession is a field of expansion of consciousness in space and time, to perfection, if there is such a thing...
I am inspired and design, getting excited and create unique pieces, in order to keep the joy and passion.
So every project is addressed to a unique person who will see and love it, so that it would become a small beautiful part of his world!
I hope my work will find its way into the peoples hearts and homes, add beauty harmony and usefulness in places where people live and also strive to shape more beautiful and better worlds!
I think we are the creators of our world and we have a responsibility as long as we are here to do it better in every way. 
Aren` t we?